Jolly Rancher Roses

jolly rancher tutorial

I saw this tutorial on Facebook and I thought it was HILARIOUS! It just goes to show that anyone (and I mean ANYONE) can be crafty!

I decided I HAD to try these and night one of the new season of the Bachelor was the perfect opportunity.  While the rest of the group was watching, laughing, and blogging…Lacey and I were making these cute little things.  I would watch the tutorial (because I didn’t take pics of the process, blogger fail I know) and then read through my tips and tricks to help you fill in the blanks.


  • Before you do anything, clear a space and put down some parchment paper.  These things are a sticky mess while you are making them.
  • Use really hot water. We would heat the water in the microwave for 1 minute and then add the Jolly Ranchers, wrapper and all.  When they start to get soft unwrap and stretch them.  He stretched them while partially still on the wrapper.  I wonder if that would spare your fingers a little bit.  My thumbs were pretty sore for a couple of days, probably a little bit burned and little tired from stretching hard candies.
  • Wear gloves or your hands will be stained pink and red for DAYS.
  • It takes more Jolly Ranchers than you would think so plan ahead.  I didn’t want to fight everyone at Walmart on my way home so I grabbed 2 packs of gas station Jolly Ranchers and I think that made 11 Roses.
  • Use wooden sticks.  Sucker sticks will get wet and fall apart…eww!
  • We wrapped them in a cellophane bag and tied a bow with bakers twine.
Pic Credit:  Aubrey, Amanda, and Lacey

These are so so cute BUT I am not going to lie to you, it would take a lot to get me to make these for a big party or shower.  They were a lot of work.

Good luck and remember…anyone can be crafty…even YOU!



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