Valentine’s day part 2

Valentine’s day treats

Lacey and I had the most hilarious Pinterest fail while making Valentine’s day treats for our husbands.  The night wasn’t all bad.  We made these adorable cupcakes for a family birthday party.  The Birthday girl requested a Rainbow themed treat and these did not disappoint!


I am sure that you have seen these cute little things going around the internet and they look simple enough, right?


WRONG!  We didn’t really look very close at the process or watch a tutorial or anything because it just looked like you cut the strawberries in half, connected them with a toothpick, dipped in chocolate, and then drizzled colored Chocolate over the top.  We decided against the colored chocolate because it is Lacey’s husband Cody that is allergic to Red dye.  He keeps telling me it is a common allergy but I don’t believe him!


Anyways, while assembling the “hearts” we realized that they weren’t really looking much like hearts, or lips, or anything Valentines*ish at all!.  We tried messing with positioning, which way we put them on the toothpick, kind of shaping the Chocolate around the Strawberries, Etc. While attempting (and FAILING miserably) to get these things to look like hearts or lips or something Valentines*ish, Lacey tried to make one look more like lips and it ended up looking like a turd.  Sorry but its true.  We were dying laughing!  Lacey looked up the tutorial after that epic fail and we realized they had cut the Strawberries completely differently than we had.


Not everything goes as planned all the time.  Even though you are good at cooking or crafting doesn’t mean you wont hit a few bumps along the way.  At the end of the day, even though they looked NOTHING like hearts, lips, or anything other than a pile of chocolate really, they were delicious and our husbands loved them! That’s all that matters anyways right?  Here is to hoping that your attempt at making these little things goes better than ours!  This was our best one!


Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s was on a Sunday this year so we woke up and made breakfast (Eggs in the middle for Shawn and I and an egg and little toastie for Mavi), went to church, and spent the rest of the day with the family.  Shawn got me the prettiest floral arrangement this year.  I seriously loved it.  We had every intention of going out to The Edge Steakhouse at Deer Valley to celebrate the week after Valentine’s Day (we don’t like to go the week of because sometimes places change their menus, everything is packed so the food and service often suffers,  and its impossible to find a baby sitter)  but it seems like one thing after another has prevented us from going.  Maybe I can set something up for the next week or two.  Better late then never, Right?




Valentine’s Day/ Month was great this year!  I hope yours was full of love and laughter like mine.


Pic Cred for the Cupcakes and Strawberries: Lacey

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