Hello World

Megan is one of Amanda’s best friends and is considered family, an honorary Bodily if you will.  We just love her.  Anyways, she expecting a baby girl in a few weeks and we (Alicia, Amanda, Aubrey, Lacey, and I) decided we HAD to throw her a shower!  We had to change the shower date at one point and because of that Aubrey was with her cute family in California instead of here with us.  We missed her.

When planning showers (or parties of any kind really) I like to go to Pinterest for inspiration.  My list of what you need to host an event: theme, invites, decor, GREAT food and drinks, activities (when necessary), and party favors.  I usually create a document with some ideas that cover my list above and a party concept is born. The following is what we came up with.


Hello World.  We were going for sophisticated and pretty.  Think tea party without the tea.  Colors: Pink, White, and Gold.

The Invite

I found a shower invite from Etsy that I loved.  It was originally for a wedding shower themed “Brunch and Bubbly” but the designer at DesignOnPaper kindly changed it to fit our theme.  You should check out her stuff.  She was a dream to work with.

The Decorations

We wanted the decor to be simple but pretty.  Alicia found some small vases at Ikea and the dollar store.  We (Alicia and my mom Melonie) spray painted them White and Gold.  I haven’t mentioned it on here before but my Mom saves my butt regularly.  I totally forgot to paint my vases so I called her, hours before the shower, and asked if I could drop them off for her to paint and me to pick up an hour or so later.  Luckily, she agreed.  She should probably ignore my phone calls.  They almost always lead to more work for her.  I love you Mom!  Thanks for all you do for me!  Anyways, Lacey picked up a variety of pink and white flowers from Costco to fill the vases, top the cake, and add the finishing touch to the Cream puff tower.  Amanda and I made a Pendant Banner that said Hello World in gold glitter.  Everything is better with a little Glitter!  I also made a pom pom cluster to hang from the chandelier over the food table.  Have you ever made one of these?  I am obsessed.  Mavi has one in her Nursery and I LOVE it!  The favors also doubled as decorations.



The Food/ Drinks

For the main course we had Soup, Salad, and Sandwiches.  For the sake of presentation we decided that we wanted to serve everything in individual cups or packages.  Lacey made a delicious Spinach salad with fresh Berries and candied Almonds, that we served in a 9 oz plastic flared tumbler.  I couldn’t get enough of this stuff and if you recall I am NOT a spinach fan.  I made a Tomato soup (Recipe courtesy of Chef Nicole Payne of Cole + Cole) and grilled cheese served in a  7 oz plastic straight Tumbler. Sandy made my personal favorite, Turkey and Rice soup, that we served in the same cups as the salad and topped with a sliced Baguette.  Amanda ordered the sandwiches from Harmons.  They seriously make the BEST hoagies ever.  We asked them to be sliced in 2″ thick pieces.  We wrapped the individual sandwiches in strips of parchment paper and tied them with jute so they looked pretty and stayed together.






For Dessert we had Donuts, Chocolate Strawberries, Cupcakes, Cream puffs, and a naked Cake.  We bought Chocolate Donuts and quartered them.  Sandy made Chocolate covered Strawberries with Milk and White Chocolate.   Lacey and I made Rosette frosted cupcakes and the naked cake.  We struggled with the naked cake more than we would like to admit but it turned out beautiful. Alicia was in charge of the Cream Puff tower.  This was her first attempt and it turned out GREAT!  The guests thought it too pretty to eat.  She found while doing this project that the round toothpicks are much easier to use than the flat ones.  Also we had a harder time than we expected finding frozen cream puffs.  Walmart came through huge for us!




We had 3 different fruit infused Water options for our guests to drink.  Alicia came up with the combos: Lemon and Lime, Lemon and Strawberry, and Lime and Cucumber.  They were all tasty!  Aren’t those drink dispensers adorable!  I LOVE them!

We made these cute little utensil holders.  Not everyone understood that you just take the whole thing, haha.  It seemed pretty self explanatory to me, but whatever.

The Activities

We don’t really care for shower games, so we opted out of this category.

The Favors

Years ago we hosted a family Bridal shower for my cousin Kayson’s wife, Christina (Cha).  My Aunt Micki had been to a shower not too long before that and received the cutest flower themed favor and we decided to recreate it.  We didn’t take any pics of them, naturally, but I have wanted a reason to make these favors again since then.  How long ago was this Cha, 7 or 8 years?  This favor is NOT even found on Pinterest! Seriously, I looked for quite awhile and found NOTHING!  Take note guys because they are ADORABLE and so easy to make. We made all of them in about 30 minutes while watching the Bachelor at Monday Night Tradition.


You will need

  • Plastic test tubes (order online)
  • Corks (found at any craft store)
  • Silk flowers
  •  Jelly beans we used 3 different colors and flavors. Toasted Marshmallow, Lemon-Lime, and Strawberry Daiquiri. You can get color and flavor separated Jelly Beans and Zurchers.

Cut flowers off stems and hot glue them to corks. Fill test tubes with jelly beans using a few different patterns so there is some variety. Seal with flower topped cork.  There you have it!  Easiest, cutest, favor EVER!  We put these in some small square vases that Alicia had and set them around to double as decor until guests were leaving and taking them.

We had nothing but GREAT comments from the guests of this shower.  Everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) was taking pics of the food and decor to post on social media.  Several people told us we need to start a Business and one girl asked us for help at her Wedding!  We love doing this kind of thing, seriously!  It really makes us wonder why we are in the , Banking, Construction, Early childhood development, and Sales industries.

Anyways we can’t wait to meet Megan’s sweet baby in a few weeks!

Pic cred: Lacey and Patti (shower attendee)




Valentine’s day part 2

Valentine’s day treats

Lacey and I had the most hilarious Pinterest fail while making Valentine’s day treats for our husbands.  The night wasn’t all bad.  We made these adorable cupcakes for a family birthday party.  The Birthday girl requested a Rainbow themed treat and these did not disappoint!


I am sure that you have seen these cute little things going around the internet and they look simple enough, right?


WRONG!  We didn’t really look very close at the process or watch a tutorial or anything because it just looked like you cut the strawberries in half, connected them with a toothpick, dipped in chocolate, and then drizzled colored Chocolate over the top.  We decided against the colored chocolate because it is Lacey’s husband Cody that is allergic to Red dye.  He keeps telling me it is a common allergy but I don’t believe him!


Anyways, while assembling the “hearts” we realized that they weren’t really looking much like hearts, or lips, or anything Valentines*ish at all!.  We tried messing with positioning, which way we put them on the toothpick, kind of shaping the Chocolate around the Strawberries, Etc. While attempting (and FAILING miserably) to get these things to look like hearts or lips or something Valentines*ish, Lacey tried to make one look more like lips and it ended up looking like a turd.  Sorry but its true.  We were dying laughing!  Lacey looked up the tutorial after that epic fail and we realized they had cut the Strawberries completely differently than we had.


Not everything goes as planned all the time.  Even though you are good at cooking or crafting doesn’t mean you wont hit a few bumps along the way.  At the end of the day, even though they looked NOTHING like hearts, lips, or anything other than a pile of chocolate really, they were delicious and our husbands loved them! That’s all that matters anyways right?  Here is to hoping that your attempt at making these little things goes better than ours!  This was our best one!


Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s was on a Sunday this year so we woke up and made breakfast (Eggs in the middle for Shawn and I and an egg and little toastie for Mavi), went to church, and spent the rest of the day with the family.  Shawn got me the prettiest floral arrangement this year.  I seriously loved it.  We had every intention of going out to The Edge Steakhouse at Deer Valley to celebrate the week after Valentine’s Day (we don’t like to go the week of because sometimes places change their menus, everything is packed so the food and service often suffers,  and its impossible to find a baby sitter)  but it seems like one thing after another has prevented us from going.  Maybe I can set something up for the next week or two.  Better late then never, Right?




Valentine’s Day/ Month was great this year!  I hope yours was full of love and laughter like mine.


Pic Cred for the Cupcakes and Strawberries: Lacey

Valentine’s Day part 1

For as long as I can remember I have LOVED Valentine’s day.  I love everything about it.  Getting and receiving gifts, reminding people how much you love them, and giving out Valentines. We had a great Valentine’s day this year.  Here are a couple of the things we did.

Photoshoot with Mavi.

We have a beautiful model that we love to dress up and take pictures of as often as possible.  Shawn limits me to every 3 months…#thestruggleisreal.  Usually I go to Pinterest, get some inspiration (like here and here), and then combine a bunch of ideas into 1 totally adorable one.  Anyways…I set the shoot up with Aubrey’s help and then my brother Bran and Mom make the magic happen while the rest of us try to keep “the talent” happy. Her posing seriously KILLS me!








Everyone loves getting them and I love making them.  We have to get creative around our house because my Mom is gluten AND dairy free and my BIL Cody is allergic red 40 or whatever.  Valentines without the color red…NOT an easy task.

My family has a tradition of “kicking Valentines” to each other.  You make a Valentine and then door bell ditch it to each other trying not to get caught.  My parents house makes this pretty difficult. The last time I kicked their Valentines  I did get away, BUT I locked my keys in my car so that was short lived.  Haha.  I haven’t kicked Valentines since but have plans to when Mavi gets a little bit older.  The Bodily clan is a little more spread out so usually we hand deliver them when we get together for family dinner or something.  For some reason his family also has a thing about Utah State.  They go up there to school and NEVER want to come home (well…Amanda didn’t want to come home.  Krista at least visits!)  so we usually have to mail their Valentines.  This year Krista got a special delivery from her mom that was headed up to see her for a visit!

Anyways I saw this Popcorn Valentine while browsing Pinterest and decided to use it as my model.  I changed the popcorn to fit our dietary restrictions with a family favorite recipe, Mother Goose Popcorn, but used their printable for the tag.

Mother Goose Popcorn

2 C sugar

1/2 C Water

1/8 t Cream of Tarter

1 t Vanilla

Food coloring of your choice.

1 1/2 c unpopped popcorn.

Air pop popcorn. Put popped Popcorn in a grocery store sized paper bag.  Add all of the ingredients to a sauce pan.  Stir to combine.  Bring to boil.  Boil for 4 minutes stirring constantly.  Pour mixture over popcorn in paper bag, trying to evenly spread mixture around.  Staple top of paper bag together (to help prevent a MASSIVE mess) and shake fiercely until you can hear the popcorn breaking apart.  I recruit Shawn to do the shaking, I hate it.  Anyways after you are done shaking either package and enjoy, or just enjoy!  I added a paper doily and some Jute (twine) to add a little extra cuteness.  You will love this popcorn, I promise!



Jolly Rancher Roses

jolly rancher tutorial

I saw this tutorial on Facebook and I thought it was HILARIOUS! It just goes to show that anyone (and I mean ANYONE) can be crafty!

I decided I HAD to try these and night one of the new season of the Bachelor was the perfect opportunity.  While the rest of the group was watching, laughing, and blogging…Lacey and I were making these cute little things.  I would watch the tutorial (because I didn’t take pics of the process, blogger fail I know) and then read through my tips and tricks to help you fill in the blanks.


  • Before you do anything, clear a space and put down some parchment paper.  These things are a sticky mess while you are making them.
  • Use really hot water. We would heat the water in the microwave for 1 minute and then add the Jolly Ranchers, wrapper and all.  When they start to get soft unwrap and stretch them.  He stretched them while partially still on the wrapper.  I wonder if that would spare your fingers a little bit.  My thumbs were pretty sore for a couple of days, probably a little bit burned and little tired from stretching hard candies.
  • Wear gloves or your hands will be stained pink and red for DAYS.
  • It takes more Jolly Ranchers than you would think so plan ahead.  I didn’t want to fight everyone at Walmart on my way home so I grabbed 2 packs of gas station Jolly Ranchers and I think that made 11 Roses.
  • Use wooden sticks.  Sucker sticks will get wet and fall apart…eww!
  • We wrapped them in a cellophane bag and tied a bow with bakers twine.
Pic Credit:  Aubrey, Amanda, and Lacey

These are so so cute BUT I am not going to lie to you, it would take a lot to get me to make these for a big party or shower.  They were a lot of work.

Good luck and remember…anyone can be crafty…even YOU!



A new take on the classic Vegetable Tray

I was asked to bring a vegetable tray to a dinner party the other night and I knew I wanted to fancy it up a bit.  I saw these adorable little things on Pinterest a few years ago when I was planning a Picnic themed shower for my SIL Alicia.  Spinach Dip with Veggies in Baguettes by So, How's It Taste? www.sohowsittaste.comI made a Ranch dip instead of the Spinach dip in the post because for some strange reason I have a thing about Spinach.  I hate it.  I don’t have a single good thing to say about it.  I have tried to like it, really I have, but its the worst! Anyways…They were a HUGE hit and I decided to make them again.  This time I added a couple little extras for some Celsey flair.

What you need:

Baguettes – You will want the sort of soft ones (found by the french bread) not the Artisan bread ones.  The Artisan bread baguettes are basically a giant crouton.  Smiths only had 1 white and 1 multi grain wheat left so I got both.  I was a little worried but I think the wheat tasted great as well.

Whatever Vegetables you like and want to serve.  I picked bell peppers (green, red, and orange), carrots, celery, olives, and cherry tomatoes.

I made the same Ranch dip that I did last time because it is quick and easy.

1 packet of Ranch dip mix

1 16 oz  container of Sour cream

The process:

Make the dip.  Combine sour cream and ranch dip mix together in a bowl.  Cut Baguettes into 4-5 inch pieces depending on what size of veggie holders you want. I was in a huge hurry so I forgot to take pictures of the next few steps.  Hopefully these instructions make sense.  Cut the pieces of bread in half diagonally leaving a 2″ base on each piece. Use a spoon to hollow out the base just enough to add the dip and veggies.  You DO NOT want to break through the bottom.  Cut up veggies into 3″ sticks.  Skewer 3 olives onto a toothpick and top with a cherry tomato.  Add dip to bread base and start placing your veggies.  I like to have the tallest ones in the back and try to get a good mix of colors.  I put the olives in the very front at a diagonal to finish them off.


Super cute, easy, and delicious!  Try these next time you get assigned a veggie tray!  They will not disappoint.





The Ol’ Blog

So here’ s the thing.  My life…is INSANE!  I am a full time Business Manager, Wife, Mother, Sister, Daughter, Friend, and DIY crafter.  I have no idea why I think I should start blogging again right now (I have dabbled in the blogging world in the past) but I am. My hope is that the Ol’ Blog will be a stress relief outlet for me (so I am not completely Gray by 30), keep my friends and family up to date on this crazy ride that we call life, and maybe even inspire a few people to be creative or even take on that DIY project they have always wanted to do.

Disclaimer:  I can’t promise that I will post regularly or use proper grammar.  Sorry Grandma!